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Our Mission

In life we all must decide whether to lead or follow.  If you choose to be a leader, you must be prepared to dedicate yourself to the principles of creativity, hard work, persistence and honesty.  And, if you practice these principles, success will surely follow…

This philosophy, when applied to real estate development, will produce a strong pride of ownership and major appreciation in real estate values.”

Alec P. Courtelis – 1923-1996

Our History

    • Courtelis Company was founded in Miami, Florida by Alec P. Courtelis in 1963, and two years later he was joined by W. Douglas Pitts, Sr.
    • Working together over time, Courtelis and Pitts built the company to meet the unique and changing needs of the real estate industry in Florida.
With the passing of Alec Courtelis in 1996, control of the company was transferred to Mr. Pitts as Chairman and CEO.

The company is headquartered in Miami and offers full service real estate development and asset management services, including site selection, master planning, commercial and residential development, leasing, property management, construction and disposition.

Our Services

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