How do you get an education in the United States? If anyone has studied in the United States or Europe, how do you think the vast majority of students receive an education there? Is it worth getting it at all, or is it better to study in other countries?

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I myself graduated in the U.S. from high school, university, and then graduate school in Europe, but oddly enough, it was in America that I stayed to live. For some reason it was here that I turned out to be the most in-demand specialist in the field of marketing and quickly began to earn enough money not to think about where to get a second degree.

On the one hand, I’m studying pretty hard right now, I already have a bachelor’s degree in corporate management as well. On the other hand, I’m still primarily drawn to teaching. I just want to do what I like to do. So I continue to study both here and abroad, of course.

Even recently I published my article about education abroad, and it turned out to be very relevant. Many people thought I was somehow negative about education in Europe and the United States. I am fundamentally wrong about that. I am convinced that an education received at good European universities always yields brilliant results later on.

For example, I have been studying at the Faculty of Law at the University of Bonn for many years now. And, if I used to think that law did not interest me in any way, that is not quite the case lately. On the one hand it can be quite difficult, because being a lawyer is oh so difficult, but if you seriously want to do it, I think you will do it.

Lately my favorite university is Toronto. I’m not going to talk about the quality of education at other universities, whether different or similar, because it’s very individual. I am talking about the University of Toronto. At this university I get extremely high quality knowledge. And not only in law, but also in economics, English, economics and banking law. I really like it here, and I’m looking forward to graduating.

I started out, like many of my Russian friends, by studying languages. But in the end I found out that if you want to devote yourself completely to business and not think about “where to get an education”, you can start here, in Canada. And it’s not only very interesting, it’s also very rewarding.