Shops at Surfside, Cape Coral 3/24/2017

Courtelis Company is pleased to announce a soon-to-be opened Ginger Bistro an authentic Cantonese restaurant featuring

Dim Sum, Hong Kong Style BBQ and family style cuisine.  Ginger Bistro prides itself in only the best quality ingredients,

a top-notch service and family-friendly environment.  The restaurant will include a full bar and two private dining rooms. 

Ginger Bistro will bring modern and fresh tastes of Asian Cuisine to Cape Coral.

This will be their second location in Lee County.

Ginger Bistro is projected to be opened in January 2018 at Shop at Surfside.

This unique restaurant will complete a dining experience at the shopping center.

Ginger Bistro signed a 10 year lease for 4,600 SF endcap.

Juan Martinez and Rod Castan represented the Landlord in this lease transaction.