Welcome to 2019! We start the year by wishing everyone and their families a happy and healthy New Year. We also start by looking at our goals and plan for the year, and among those is re-defining our Courtelis brand and examining how we can improve performance to our clients and tenants.

The “C” is our logo, and it’s been around over 55 years as the Company has developed, built, leased and managed real estate in many beautiful Communities and real estate developments. It has remained pretty Consistent as a logo, but what does it mean, and what does it stand for? As a Company, we will take a look at the “C” each month, the different ideas that the brand stands for and implement these in our daily work.

January is a month of Change. We implement New Year’s resolutions, work out more, eat healthier, and try out different things. We take a look at the projects we are working on, and Change the approach, tactics, and attitude. One Constant in the real estate market is Change, so we work hard to stay ahead of the Curve, and adapt with the Change that is inevitable.

Thank you for your Consideration and best wishes for success.