Adapting creative design and management practices. Finding new creative concepts that highlight how retail and restaurants are evolving. Creating new ways to fill and market our shopping centers. This is how we are creatively viewing March 2019.

Creative environmental design such as best practices we implemented while managing the 5th Ave South portfolio in Naples. Through the Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District and our client Hoffman Commercial Real Estate, Courtelis was involved in the transformation of 5th Avenue South into one of the great pedestrian high streets in Florida. By effectively using landscaping, artwork, events, and lighting, we helped elevate the quality of tenancy and traffic on the street. 5th Ave has evolved into an award-winning destination with a tremendous sense of place.

Courtelis is continually researching creative concepts like b8ta. We met with Vibhu Norby, the founder and CEO of b8ta at the ICSC Open Air Conference last week. B8ta gives us a glimpse of how retail is adapting and embracing e-commerce. They have beautiful stores in strategic locations, but they do not own the inventory. They rather connect the brands with the customers and allow customers to experience the products they see online. Most of their products are electronics such as Google Home, Boosted Skateboards and Root robots. They are in “shop in shop” environments such as Macy’s Herald Square or in 17 flagship locations around the country, growing 15 units per year in approximately 3,000sf spaces. Vibhu is a former software exec behind the brand Nest, who believes that “stores are tools for brands”. We hope to see b8ta in our market soon, and we’ll spend this month examining creative ideas in design, retailing and management such as 5th Avenue and b8ta.

Creatively yours,
Rod L. Castan, CRX, CLS
President, Leasing and Management Services