Dear Clients, Partners and Friends:

2019 began with new goals, new ideas and a new vision of our Courtelis brand.

Our “C” logo was redesigned and redefined each month, to give us a fresh perspective on our brand and mission.

January started with a CHANGE. We tried out new strategies to improve work tactics, attitudes, and performance. Real Estate is constantly changing and evolving so we have to adapt to stay ahead of the game.

With change comes COMMITMENT. Our employees renewed their dedication to provide excellent customer service to our clients, partners, and colleagues.

CREATIVITY helps to stimulate “out of the box” thinking and we researched new and exciting concepts that will breathe new life into our retail developments and our communities.

CONSERVATION. We remain dedicated to protecting our environment and we made a commitment to recycling in our office and switched to more environmentally friendly materials.

 CONNECTIONS are critically important in life and business, especially in our world of deal-making and relationship building.   

C for CHARACTER was dedicated to Alec P. Courtelis, the founder of Courtelis Company who was a man of great leadership, espousing education, hard work, and charity. A man of true CHARACTER.

COLLABORATION recognized that success comes with sharing insights and new information with colleagues and industry friends.

CONSTRUCTION – We kicked off several new development projects in 2019, highlighted by Murano at Three Oaks.

CALIENTE showcased Hispanic businesses in our shopping centers and communities as well as saluted the diverse Hispanic heritages of our team members.

CARING was dedicated to Cancer awareness, and good health.

Creating COMMUNITIES looked at our business model and recognized that each of our properties represents more than just buildings. They impact the COMMUNITY in many ways

So the Courtelis Company redefined itself as a community developer and manager in 2019 and looks forward to working with each of you in 2020. We thank all staff for their hard work and efforts in this initiative.

Happy New Year!