Self-knowledge is good, but in reality, if a person is constantly unhappy, because his mind cannot be in balance all the time, then extremes are peculiar to him. As soon as something goes wrong somewhere in his life, he feels that happiness is lost, he becomes angry, and to calm down he begins to act on automatic. This is not a good way; it cannot lead to true happiness.

In such a state, a person loses even the crumbs of happiness that he has.

The thing is that the mind is constantly in search, and if the object of search has already been found, this search stops by itself. It simply gives the impression that there is no more happiness in the world.

This is really true; there is nothing more valuable or meaningful in life.

The feeling of happiness does not come by itself; it only arises when the tension disappears.

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We are afraid of losing what we don’t have, so we do everything we can to keep what we already have.

When a change happens in life, for example when a close person dies or a relationship is destroyed, we don’t notice it at all. We go on living our old life.

And only if we have a reason to feel happy, and if the loss of what we have lost becomes too much, we become very attentive and start to realize this loss.

Then we begin to look, but not for the company or the people we care about, but for the person who, in fact, lost that happiness.

This is when a person begins to “lose happiness” for real.

If he doesn’t want to part with the happiness he received, he easily finds a way to prolong it, but when it comes to loss, he doesn’t even try to resume his former relationships, although they may well bring him happiness.

Very few people are able to endure the prolonged stress that comes with being unable to part with their happiness.

They try to solve this problem so that they don’t have to change anything. They try to forget about what they are missing and continue to live the same life as before.

This strategy seems successful, but it always results in new conflict and loss.

For those highly conscious people who really want to love and be happy, there is no need for the tension that usually surrounds them.

To love means that it is only necessary not to resist, and then love will arrive in our hearts as we ourselves become more and more free.